ginger at home


what are you guys still doing here??? dont you know we have moved over here to typepad?

da da, daaaaa da



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pps. i looove me some avacado


baby toes


 daddy changing diaper = cute.

warning: cheesy love stuff follows


last thursday, j and i celebrated 5 years of marriage. we dropped libby off at gg’s and headed out to get appetizers and see a movie. to my surprise, instead of appetizers, j surprised me by taking me to denny’s. denny’s? you ask. after j and i had been dating a bit j turned into a tightwad began to plan for our future and decided that we would try to only eat out with our car change (ie. whatever change we could scrounge between the two of us from either or sometimes, both cars). denny’s seemed to be where we always went after church on wed. we would gather up all the change and carry it inside, order water, and count up how much we had to eat on. sometimes it wasn’t much and sometimes it was more, we usually shared something. as we pulled into the parking lot j said “ok, look for change”. so i did. we didn’t find a whole lot… just a couple bucks, but just as i was telling myself that half a side of pancakes would do, he pulled a big handful of quarters out of his pocket that he gathered up from around the house before we left.


too funny. we had just enough. it was so fun, we laughed a lot while we counted it out on the table to pay the bill.


after we ate we went to see transformers…. i love the transformers! im such a nerd, i was literally bouncing with excitement when i heard optimus prime’s voice in the beginning of the movie. sweet.

j also got my rings resized as a gift but sadly, i am still too fat to wear them. baby weight is a killer!


i had such a great anniversary. sometimes i feel like we just met and are still falling in love. other times i can’t believe it has only been five years because i can’t remember what it was like to not be with you (or maybe i can and just don’t want to). thanks for loving me even though i am crazy.



corners of my home….

corners-of-my-home-back-door.jpgback door that leads to patio. more corners here.




cherries.jpgjoey and sue came over last night for dinner. adventures in fried chicken making occured. it was great! we really miss seing you guys more!            

the finale: home made cherry pie. for me, this means summer has officially arrived. all winter and spring i stare at this image, waiting for cherries to not only be in season, but  also be under 3 bucks a pound. this is a fav cookbook of mine and i have it facing outward on the bookshelf in the den, i glare at it and mutter, “ill get you my pretty!”. get it, indeed, i did.

so, get yourself one of these and jump on it! (not literally jump, just use it to make a pie), youll be glad you did.



crazy skirt girl….

after reading this i felt inspired to share a pic of one of my favorite “tablecloth becomes skirt” adventures.

speaking of tiny happy, i am lusting after these, but alas, they are sold…. check out here other great stuff, here. i made this well over a year ago, but got it out earlier this week when i was looking through some of my pre-preggers clothes. i have to say, i am still way to fat to fit in to any of them but since i accidentlly made this skirt to big way back when, it now fits. there is good and bad in that. this is a cool book about drafting your own patterns and making skirts if anyone is interested….

i made mine using a simple skirt pattern with and elastic waist and just layed it on the table cloth so that the hem would line up with the scallops.



corners of my home….


i love this spot in the morning.

i have been seeing a lot of great corners lately. just wanted to get myself taking pictures again.



we made it!

finally! we are back at home and into somewhat of a routine.  wow. it was so nice to see our friends and get some things done around the old house, but man does it feel good to be back in my own nest.

about two weeks ago we went out of town for a week and a half to visit our pals and get some maintenance done on our rental house (which our pals happen to live in :). thanks to the graciousness of the lady of the house, we were able to stay in the house while we j worked on it ( i.e. put on a new roof). i must say that it was extreamly convienient for j and very kind of our friends. especially kind because they not only let us stay with them, but  gave up their master bedroom for us to use since we have the baby (even though the lady of the house is pregnant! now that is love!) 

i thought i might share a few pics from the trip.

libby helping her dad get ready for some hard work.

our fabulous god daughter checking out the baby.

i dunno if she believed me when i tried to tell her she was going to get one of her own soon.

the brilliant artist.

or should i say chef?

and just because every post needs a token baby shot for my mom, here is libby sacked out in the pack and play.

i really wish i could have gotten a picture of j in his work clothes. he had a crazy denim floppy hat to protect his head ears and neck from the sun (it was like 100 degress on the roof), basketball type shorts, muscle t-shirt, and work boots. i can not even begin to tell you the entertainment this provided me.

well, somehow j got the roof done (yeah, by himself, he is nuts) as well as new tile floors in the bathrooms, and a new storm door installed. it was a little hectic working around an infant a two year old schedule but we still managed to have some fun. hot wings were made and enjoyed (its a tradition, if we are together we have to make them), movies were watched, and lots of hanging out occured. good times. dontcha just love those friends that you can just be normal around, ya know, like not shower first thing in the mroning and eat pancakes with? they are the best. we had a good time and we were super glad to get to hang out with our god daughter. although, it was a bit weird staying as guests in the house we used to live in 🙂

guess thats it for now.




today is the day….

i am finally blogging today……

i have been missing blogging but trying to think of the perfect post and take the perfect pictures and blah blah blah… oh well… today is the day i stop procrastinating and actually blog. so what if the photography is crappy and the writing is worse, right??

I am finally starting to get back on my feet a bit but still needing to take it pretty slow.

j and i did a bit of gardening on saturday.


We really just potted some of our old planters with flowers and such.


after all that hard work, at least 30 minutes! j fired up the grill and we made hotdogs and hamburgers. yum.

libby provided moral support.
man, wordpress is giving me a hard time today (what else is new). i had more to say but i have run out of time. more soon! xo


ohhhhhh baby!


libby elise!

born at 9:35am on tuesday april 3rd

8lbs 3oz

22.5 inches long

yes. the baby has arrived (two weeks ago). hence my blog absence, but what else is new, eh?

we are finally doing better around here after an insane labor and three and a half hours of pushing, a bladder infection and a baby that wouldnt nurse for almost two weeks. did i mention she is a bit of a scream crier?? ohhh but do i love love love her. hopefully i can blog some details about her birth and some of the last couple of weeks soon. my parents are in from alaska and grandparents will be here from texas tonight. we have a very busy house. ooops, there she goes! did i mention the scream cry ? 😉