ginger at home

we made it!

finally! we are back at home and into somewhat of a routine.  wow. it was so nice to see our friends and get some things done around the old house, but man does it feel good to be back in my own nest.

about two weeks ago we went out of town for a week and a half to visit our pals and get some maintenance done on our rental house (which our pals happen to live in :). thanks to the graciousness of the lady of the house, we were able to stay in the house while we j worked on it ( i.e. put on a new roof). i must say that it was extreamly convienient for j and very kind of our friends. especially kind because they not only let us stay with them, but  gave up their master bedroom for us to use since we have the baby (even though the lady of the house is pregnant! now that is love!) 

i thought i might share a few pics from the trip.

libby helping her dad get ready for some hard work.

our fabulous god daughter checking out the baby.

i dunno if she believed me when i tried to tell her she was going to get one of her own soon.

the brilliant artist.

or should i say chef?

and just because every post needs a token baby shot for my mom, here is libby sacked out in the pack and play.

i really wish i could have gotten a picture of j in his work clothes. he had a crazy denim floppy hat to protect his head ears and neck from the sun (it was like 100 degress on the roof), basketball type shorts, muscle t-shirt, and work boots. i can not even begin to tell you the entertainment this provided me.

well, somehow j got the roof done (yeah, by himself, he is nuts) as well as new tile floors in the bathrooms, and a new storm door installed. it was a little hectic working around an infant a two year old schedule but we still managed to have some fun. hot wings were made and enjoyed (its a tradition, if we are together we have to make them), movies were watched, and lots of hanging out occured. good times. dontcha just love those friends that you can just be normal around, ya know, like not shower first thing in the mroning and eat pancakes with? they are the best. we had a good time and we were super glad to get to hang out with our god daughter. although, it was a bit weird staying as guests in the house we used to live in 🙂

guess thats it for now.





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  1. * Deanna says:

    Very cute pictures of Libby! What a doll. Glad to see your’re back.

    Posted 12 years ago
  2. * alitoney says:

    That first picture cracks me up! Glad you are coming over tomorrow, I need my Libby fix! 🙂

    Posted 12 years ago
  3. * Trisha says:

    Your mom is NOT the only one checking out the baby pics!

    Posted 11 years, 12 months ago

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