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what are you guys still doing here??? dont you know we have moved over here to typepad?

da da, daaaaa da



ps. my mom says she really hopes youll come and check out , and leave a comment so she’ll know you found us.

pps. i looove me some avacado


corners of my home….

corners-of-my-home-back-door.jpgback door that leads to patio. more corners here.



ohhhhhh baby!


libby elise!

born at 9:35am on tuesday april 3rd

8lbs 3oz

22.5 inches long

yes. the baby has arrived (two weeks ago). hence my blog absence, but what else is new, eh?

we are finally doing better around here after an insane labor and three and a half hours of pushing, a bladder infection and a baby that wouldnt nurse for almost two weeks. did i mention she is a bit of a scream crier?? ohhh but do i love love love her. hopefully i can blog some details about her birth and some of the last couple of weeks soon. my parents are in from alaska and grandparents will be here from texas tonight. we have a very busy house. ooops, there she goes! did i mention the scream cry ? 😉



a few quick things

i just wanted to share a few of the things i have been able to work on lately….. it hasnt been easy! i have quite a bit of swelling in my wrists and hands (and other places that don’t pertain to crafting). my hands are so swollen that my joints are aching and my hands are numb most of the time. my mid-wife says that when you have swelling in the wrist like i do that it gives you carpal tunnel like symptoms… therefore, i have a really hard time using my hands! how frustrating, im too fat, tired and sore to move most of my body or do much of anything, but relaxing and enjoyable handcrafts are almost impossible. whats a girl to do? sigh.

anyway, when i get way to restless i have been working on some fabric postcards for a swap i am in. the cards are due soon and so is the baby so it is a race to the finish line! unfortunately it is hard to be inspired when all i really want to make is baby stuff. i did get one set for the swap done but still have about five more cards to make for another set. i made this card for the “shades of one color” theme.

i wish that the base fabric i chose was a bit thicker because you can see some of the embroidery underneath and i don’t like that. its a really simple card but i enjoyed making it while my hands allowed.this card, i made for the “macro” theme.

sadly, my design seemed to shrink and not turn out macro at all… urrg! i have three done similar to this and have decided that they aren’t good enough for the theme, just not close up enough. what was i thinking? i think ill just save them for another time.

yesterday i got a strong yearning to sew but i knew i couldn’t make anything that was meant to turn out or be well made because, lets face it, im not capable of well made these days with fingers that cant tell the have been stabbed by a pin untill the have a little drop of blood on them. sooo, i decided to make a purse.


i think i am pretty well known for liking things that are kinda ugly to others so i figured if i messed up the purse i would still like it. well, i didn’t really mess it up, if you don’t count the crooked stitching and uneven seems and all around un-symmetrical-ness (yeah i know thats not a real word) of it.


i did however make it a tad too small, as in, this is now officially a kids purse. sniff, i really like it too. i just need to find a cute little girl that would appreciate the old country but cool fabric i made it from. if anyone has any ideas let me know (im willing to mail it if anyone knows the right little girl)



ps. only 8 days left till my due date!

simple pleasures

is it ok to be in love with fabric?

i found these scraps yesterday wheni was going through some stuff i stole from my mom gave me when i visited her last and “helped” her go through some stuff.


i have been really stressed out this week about getting stuff done around here. my house is a mess and i have a million projects to do and things to get ready for. i have been cleaning bathrooms and doing laundry today (slowly) and i just felt all agitated so i decided to take five minutes and do something fun. so, i made a weird little bracelet.


i had a really hard time photographing it but have decided to share anyway. ohhh, how i do hate bad pictures and my evil camera! anyway, this bracelet is kinda like a bangle and kinda like a cuff bracelet.


i made it with one of the above really small scraps that i love and used a timtex scrap to give it some body. add velcro and voila. looking at it, one might think that it would suit a child better than a soon to be mom grown up, but hey, i love kid stuff :)xo


the crazy reorganization continues…..

i hate my my messy kitchen cabinets….. i love to cook, therefore i keep a lot of ingredients on hand.  spices are a big one for me. the cabinet above the stove is always so so crazy full and over flowing, stuff practically falls out when i open it. until now…..

ooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh. my wonderful hubby built me a spice rack!!!

i kept looking and looking for one on-line that would work but i never really wanted to spend the money to get something of decent quality. so, we talked about it and he came up with the idea. the rack needed to have three rows and hold at least 30 spices if not more. it also had to be short enough that the shelf above it could be lowered so i could reach it better. it also had to hold 3oz bottles instead of the usual 1.5oz. what can i say, i use a lot of spices. nine bucks and about and hour later, bam! he designed the rack around these bottles:

(targets store brand, about the best price for most spices besides sams club). 

eventually we will get changed over too all the same bottle, but i just want to replace them as we run out of things… because the new spice rack fit so well we were able to move the lazy susans up to the second shelf and put all the oils and vinegars on one, and the “other stuff” on another… its so great! there is also a little basket on the inside of the shelf for all my extracts. yippie! its funny how such simple things so great 🙂 well.. i have been ordered by my hubby to stay off my feet this afternoon and “relax a little” well see how that goes 😉



its all about the blog

it really is all about the blog these days. who doesnt have one anyway? my past blog ulgyhouse failed miserably because of my lack of time and effort. im sad that it didnt work out because i really wanted a place that family, friends and otherwise could go to to see what i have been up to. as we have become more and more settled in our house, our lives have become more more integrated with other things (thats a good thing). so, i guess this blog will be my vain new attempt at keeping those who are interested updated with what is going on in my life and head. hopefully much creativity will be shared. comments and critisisms are welcomed and appreciated. g

p.s. i dont plan to be clever on this blog so dont judge me if i sound like some regular person who has no skill at writing but thinks that they do… that is pretty much who i am.