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cherries.jpgjoey and sue came over last night for dinner. adventures in fried chicken making occured. it was great! we really miss seing you guys more!            

the finale: home made cherry pie. for me, this means summer has officially arrived. all winter and spring i stare at this image, waiting for cherries to not only be in season, but  also be under 3 bucks a pound. this is a fav cookbook of mine and i have it facing outward on the bookshelf in the den, i glare at it and mutter, “ill get you my pretty!”. get it, indeed, i did.

so, get yourself one of these and jump on it! (not literally jump, just use it to make a pie), youll be glad you did.




search and rescue

surprise! im still here. i have just been lost somewhere between baby preparations and napping 🙂

i swore to myself that i would blog today no matter what. i have some good stuff to share but no good pictures so that will have to wait.

for today ill show you the valentines sushi i made my hubby.


nothing spectacular. just california rolls (lots of them). i cant eat anything raw, being that im preggers. boooooo. i even broke out the special sushi plates i made last year.


its was really yummy. hmmmm now i am hungry.



good food, great gift

wow. i got the best late birthday present ever. my friend sara sent me these goodies from anne taylor

(i love love love that place).


they are gorgeous. i think i am in love. it is supposed to snow this weekend, so i think i will get some good use out of them and feel very posh in the process.

also, remember when i told you this was simmering on the stove top? well here it is (or should i say was). yum.curry.JPG