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baby toes


 daddy changing diaper = cute.


warning: cheesy love stuff follows


last thursday, j and i celebrated 5 years of marriage. we dropped libby off at gg’s and headed out to get appetizers and see a movie. to my surprise, instead of appetizers, j surprised me by taking me to denny’s. denny’s? you ask. after j and i had been dating a bit j turned into a tightwad began to plan for our future and decided that we would try to only eat out with our car change (ie. whatever change we could scrounge between the two of us from either or sometimes, both cars). denny’s seemed to be where we always went after church on wed. we would gather up all the change and carry it inside, order water, and count up how much we had to eat on. sometimes it wasn’t much and sometimes it was more, we usually shared something. as we pulled into the parking lot j said “ok, look for change”. so i did. we didn’t find a whole lot… just a couple bucks, but just as i was telling myself that half a side of pancakes would do, he pulled a big handful of quarters out of his pocket that he gathered up from around the house before we left.


too funny. we had just enough. it was so fun, we laughed a lot while we counted it out on the table to pay the bill.


after we ate we went to see transformers…. i love the transformers! im such a nerd, i was literally bouncing with excitement when i heard optimus prime’s voice in the beginning of the movie. sweet.

j also got my rings resized as a gift but sadly, i am still too fat to wear them. baby weight is a killer!


i had such a great anniversary. sometimes i feel like we just met and are still falling in love. other times i can’t believe it has only been five years because i can’t remember what it was like to not be with you (or maybe i can and just don’t want to). thanks for loving me even though i am crazy.




cherries.jpgjoey and sue came over last night for dinner. adventures in fried chicken making occured. it was great! we really miss seing you guys more!            

the finale: home made cherry pie. for me, this means summer has officially arrived. all winter and spring i stare at this image, waiting for cherries to not only be in season, but  also be under 3 bucks a pound. this is a fav cookbook of mine and i have it facing outward on the bookshelf in the den, i glare at it and mutter, “ill get you my pretty!”. get it, indeed, i did.

so, get yourself one of these and jump on it! (not literally jump, just use it to make a pie), youll be glad you did.



we made it!

finally! we are back at home and into somewhat of a routine.  wow. it was so nice to see our friends and get some things done around the old house, but man does it feel good to be back in my own nest.

about two weeks ago we went out of town for a week and a half to visit our pals and get some maintenance done on our rental house (which our pals happen to live in :). thanks to the graciousness of the lady of the house, we were able to stay in the house while we j worked on it ( i.e. put on a new roof). i must say that it was extreamly convienient for j and very kind of our friends. especially kind because they not only let us stay with them, but  gave up their master bedroom for us to use since we have the baby (even though the lady of the house is pregnant! now that is love!) 

i thought i might share a few pics from the trip.

libby helping her dad get ready for some hard work.

our fabulous god daughter checking out the baby.

i dunno if she believed me when i tried to tell her she was going to get one of her own soon.

the brilliant artist.

or should i say chef?

and just because every post needs a token baby shot for my mom, here is libby sacked out in the pack and play.

i really wish i could have gotten a picture of j in his work clothes. he had a crazy denim floppy hat to protect his head ears and neck from the sun (it was like 100 degress on the roof), basketball type shorts, muscle t-shirt, and work boots. i can not even begin to tell you the entertainment this provided me.

well, somehow j got the roof done (yeah, by himself, he is nuts) as well as new tile floors in the bathrooms, and a new storm door installed. it was a little hectic working around an infant a two year old schedule but we still managed to have some fun. hot wings were made and enjoyed (its a tradition, if we are together we have to make them), movies were watched, and lots of hanging out occured. good times. dontcha just love those friends that you can just be normal around, ya know, like not shower first thing in the mroning and eat pancakes with? they are the best. we had a good time and we were super glad to get to hang out with our god daughter. although, it was a bit weird staying as guests in the house we used to live in 🙂

guess thats it for now.




today is the day….

i am finally blogging today……

i have been missing blogging but trying to think of the perfect post and take the perfect pictures and blah blah blah… oh well… today is the day i stop procrastinating and actually blog. so what if the photography is crappy and the writing is worse, right??

I am finally starting to get back on my feet a bit but still needing to take it pretty slow.

j and i did a bit of gardening on saturday.


We really just potted some of our old planters with flowers and such.


after all that hard work, at least 30 minutes! j fired up the grill and we made hotdogs and hamburgers. yum.

libby provided moral support.
man, wordpress is giving me a hard time today (what else is new). i had more to say but i have run out of time. more soon! xo


m i a

where have i been??? yikes. i haven’t blogged in forever. mostly, i guess, because i haven’t had anything exciting enough to share. i have been hand quilting this, my hands are ready to fall off. i have been re-potting these sad little guys.


i bought them practically dead for .25 cents each but it is proving harder to rejuvenate them than i thought.


last week i had a friend over for lunch and a long chat. j and i also had a family over for dinner on saturday which was so nice. of course the superbowl was on sunday, we were invited to a great little get together with the best bean dip ever! unfortunately i had to leave early because i was feeling under the weather. yep, sick again with weird sinus stuff. that’s always fun. i spent literally hours yesterday going through all the wonderful baby items that have been handed down to me from family and friends.


j came home from work and said “wow, that is A LOT of pink”.


yes, yes it is.


i have also been working on some sketches of a painting i am about to start working on and some embroidery designs i have in the works. i guess this past week has been more of a planning and thinking week. i have also been getting some secret projects started (these will be revealed after the weekend i hope). what else? grocery shopping, errand running and lots of high-school basketball games (j’s brothers, go knights!) so, a lot of this and that. and, im really tired and grouchy :). i know there are people out there who are super women all the time, including when they are pregnant, i guess im just not one of them.



who dat??

remember this?

well, i got it done. i was going to do real applique on this but the pieces we just soo small that i decided on light heat and bond instead. i free form cut the pieces, ironed them in place,used some super big and chunky applique stitches, added a bit of embroidery: done and done.

the matching headband was made using this pattern. its a mini version of this


what a terrible picture!

 since i have the worlds worst camera, i just don’t have the energy to try any more. i really miss my super old manual camera. maybe since the baby is going to be here soon, j and i will be able to justify a new camera one of these days. i doubt it though 🙂 i am giving this to a friend of mine tonight for her little girl, who i am in love with…. really i just love her, she reminds me of what i’m about to get (8 weeks left). i hope it fits her!



good food, great gift

wow. i got the best late birthday present ever. my friend sara sent me these goodies from anne taylor

(i love love love that place).


they are gorgeous. i think i am in love. it is supposed to snow this weekend, so i think i will get some good use out of them and feel very posh in the process.

also, remember when i told you this was simmering on the stove top? well here it is (or should i say was). yum.curry.JPG



birthday fun

today was friend of mines birthday. she is cool and likes funky stuff so i decided on some last minute projects for her bday gift. i made this head band from the ties i found the other day at the thrift store.

i used a pattern by heather that you can find here. i love this pattern! thanks heather!

i made this little pocket from one of the sweaters i felted the other day. unfortunately i didn’tread the label very closely when i picked out the sweater. it didn’t felt up very well because it has 20% polyester. silly me. but it did felt enough to cut up and sew and use with a lining fabric. here is a shot of under the flap.

i used ribbon to make a tie so that it could be used for something other than glasses (my original intention), such as pens or other smaller stuff. the flower on the flap is made from ribbon scraps and little scraps of tie leftover from the headband. i hope she likes them!



thrifty finds

yesterday i somehow talked my hubby into going to the thrift store. we were accompanied by the lovely mr and mrs joey thulcandra. thanx for coming you two! what a fun time. that was the best thrift store i have been to in a long while. as a bonus, everything was 20% off because it was sunday. yeah! i just thought i would share a couple of the things i picked up.


i just love the colors in these ties! they were only .69 cents each. fun. im not sure what im going to make yet, but trust me, it will be funky.

i also found these sweaters.


 check out those bargain prices!

i have really been wanting to do some felting and finally found some sweaters to try it with. they are agitating as i type this. hopefully i will have more on that adventure very soon. well not much else exciting going on here. after i spent about four hours organizing the rest of my kitchen cabinets (this one was already done), j said, “you better relax this afternoon”. so, that is what i will try to do.