ginger at home

today is the day….

i am finally blogging today……

i have been missing blogging but trying to think of the perfect post and take the perfect pictures and blah blah blah… oh well… today is the day i stop procrastinating and actually blog. so what if the photography is crappy and the writing is worse, right??

I am finally starting to get back on my feet a bit but still needing to take it pretty slow.

j and i did a bit of gardening on saturday.


We really just potted some of our old planters with flowers and such.


after all that hard work, at least 30 minutes! j fired up the grill and we made hotdogs and hamburgers. yum.

libby provided moral support.
man, wordpress is giving me a hard time today (what else is new). i had more to say but i have run out of time. more soon! xo



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  1. * Alicia says:

    We need to see after pics for those empty pots!

    Posted 11 years ago
  2. * allison says:

    the pics are great….libby is beautiful!! what a fun day it sounded like. i need to get going on my planting soon! good to see you blogging again!

    Posted 11 years ago
  3. * craftapple says:

    Thanks for your invisible zipper tips!

    What a cutie you have there! I wouldn’t be blogging much either. If there are 2 things that can suck away your day, it’s babies and blogging! Hee hee. She’s totally worth it though. I’m glad you persisted with nursing. I’m such a closet pro-nursing mom. What I mean is that I don’t pressure anyone, but it makes me so happy that with persistence you found success!

    Posted 11 years ago

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