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baby toes


 daddy changing diaper = cute.


today is the day….

i am finally blogging today……

i have been missing blogging but trying to think of the perfect post and take the perfect pictures and blah blah blah… oh well… today is the day i stop procrastinating and actually blog. so what if the photography is crappy and the writing is worse, right??

I am finally starting to get back on my feet a bit but still needing to take it pretty slow.

j and i did a bit of gardening on saturday.


We really just potted some of our old planters with flowers and such.


after all that hard work, at least 30 minutes! j fired up the grill and we made hotdogs and hamburgers. yum.

libby provided moral support.
man, wordpress is giving me a hard time today (what else is new). i had more to say but i have run out of time. more soon! xo


i have about a million and one things i want/need to get done before baby arrives…. and zero energy to do it 🙂 i know all you moms out there know what i mean when i talk about not sleeping and being in pain/discomfort all the time… someone call the waaaahhmbulence.

one thing i did get done last night was the little dress i wanted to make for baby to wear home from the hospital.


i wanted something special and handmade that after she outgrew, she could eventually use for her dolls. i also plan to hang it up in her room while she is to little to play dress up with dolls.  baby-dress-back.JPG

 i made this from an old pillow case i found at the thrift store and lined it with some left over light colored fabric from another project. all the seams are totally in-cased and the raw edges are finished with bias tape. i hadnt ever used bias tape on this small of a project before and have decided that i dont like it. i had always used packaged before but after a quick call to my mom i felt confident enough to make it myself. i like being able to make it and use in any color or fabric i have i just wish that i had hand sewed it on with tiny perfect stitches instead of bad sewing machine, ripped out three times,ugly stitches. it might also have helped if i could feel my hands more than halfway. they are pretty swollen and the keep falling asleep. i kept stabbing myself with pins and not realizing it till they were stuck in me 🙂 crazy. so its imperfect but it is exactly what i wanted. too bad it is huge…. i made the newborn size, but it looks way to big…. we will see. i plan to make a few more pieces for the outfit if the baby waits long enough but just incase i want to get a chocolate colored all in one thingy to put under it for warmth.

hopefully ill have more to say about the baby room soon 🙂



m i a

where have i been??? yikes. i haven’t blogged in forever. mostly, i guess, because i haven’t had anything exciting enough to share. i have been hand quilting this, my hands are ready to fall off. i have been re-potting these sad little guys.


i bought them practically dead for .25 cents each but it is proving harder to rejuvenate them than i thought.


last week i had a friend over for lunch and a long chat. j and i also had a family over for dinner on saturday which was so nice. of course the superbowl was on sunday, we were invited to a great little get together with the best bean dip ever! unfortunately i had to leave early because i was feeling under the weather. yep, sick again with weird sinus stuff. that’s always fun. i spent literally hours yesterday going through all the wonderful baby items that have been handed down to me from family and friends.


j came home from work and said “wow, that is A LOT of pink”.


yes, yes it is.


i have also been working on some sketches of a painting i am about to start working on and some embroidery designs i have in the works. i guess this past week has been more of a planning and thinking week. i have also been getting some secret projects started (these will be revealed after the weekend i hope). what else? grocery shopping, errand running and lots of high-school basketball games (j’s brothers, go knights!) so, a lot of this and that. and, im really tired and grouchy :). i know there are people out there who are super women all the time, including when they are pregnant, i guess im just not one of them.



who dat??

remember this?

well, i got it done. i was going to do real applique on this but the pieces we just soo small that i decided on light heat and bond instead. i free form cut the pieces, ironed them in place,used some super big and chunky applique stitches, added a bit of embroidery: done and done.

the matching headband was made using this pattern. its a mini version of this. 


what a terrible picture!

 since i have the worlds worst camera, i just don’t have the energy to try any more. i really miss my super old manual camera. maybe since the baby is going to be here soon, j and i will be able to justify a new camera one of these days. i doubt it though 🙂 i am giving this to a friend of mine tonight for her little girl, who i am in love with…. really i just love her, she reminds me of what i’m about to get (8 weeks left). i hope it fits her!



j is in the baby room (i think of it as the poison room) sanding away…. the lead paint issue should be all taken care of in the next few days. yea! a safe baby room! ill post more details as things progress. its funny how, since i have been pregnant, we have to take all these extra precautions (well not really funny, just a lot of hard work on j’s part). the baby room doorway looks like something out of an old scifi movie, dontcha think?

 im just glad this is a smaller project than the kitchen, since last time i had to move out for the weekend.   


i am proud to say, that i have finally begun my first baby project… the baby quilt is in the works!

ooooo applique!

 sigh. so many projects so little time… only 10 weeks left folks! 



baby stuff…

wow. i just received a super fun box of baby stuff from my grandma re.

it is totally full of clothes, blankets, utensils and bibs…. how fun! and guess what?! its not all pink! yeah grandma!

here are a couple bad photos of a couple of my favs.

i love these one piece thingys that can be a gown or pants suit.. (i have been told that they are great for the quick diaper change)

this little outfit is really more peachy than pink and i love the little pants.. i cant remember what they are called… but they just beg for a little but to be put in them.

…and here is the super nice, handmade, very girlie quilt that was at the bottom of the mountain of gifts that came forth from the box.

grandmas are the best!!!