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we made it!

finally! we are back at home and into somewhat of a routine.  wow. it was so nice to see our friends and get some things done around the old house, but man does it feel good to be back in my own nest.

about two weeks ago we went out of town for a week and a half to visit our pals and get some maintenance done on our rental house (which our pals happen to live in :). thanks to the graciousness of the lady of the house, we were able to stay in the house while we j worked on it ( i.e. put on a new roof). i must say that it was extreamly convienient for j and very kind of our friends. especially kind because they not only let us stay with them, but  gave up their master bedroom for us to use since we have the baby (even though the lady of the house is pregnant! now that is love!) 

i thought i might share a few pics from the trip.

libby helping her dad get ready for some hard work.

our fabulous god daughter checking out the baby.

i dunno if she believed me when i tried to tell her she was going to get one of her own soon.

the brilliant artist.

or should i say chef?

and just because every post needs a token baby shot for my mom, here is libby sacked out in the pack and play.

i really wish i could have gotten a picture of j in his work clothes. he had a crazy denim floppy hat to protect his head ears and neck from the sun (it was like 100 degress on the roof), basketball type shorts, muscle t-shirt, and work boots. i can not even begin to tell you the entertainment this provided me.

well, somehow j got the roof done (yeah, by himself, he is nuts) as well as new tile floors in the bathrooms, and a new storm door installed. it was a little hectic working around an infant a two year old schedule but we still managed to have some fun. hot wings were made and enjoyed (its a tradition, if we are together we have to make them), movies were watched, and lots of hanging out occured. good times. dontcha just love those friends that you can just be normal around, ya know, like not shower first thing in the mroning and eat pancakes with? they are the best. we had a good time and we were super glad to get to hang out with our god daughter. although, it was a bit weird staying as guests in the house we used to live in 🙂

guess thats it for now.





today is the day….

i am finally blogging today……

i have been missing blogging but trying to think of the perfect post and take the perfect pictures and blah blah blah… oh well… today is the day i stop procrastinating and actually blog. so what if the photography is crappy and the writing is worse, right??

I am finally starting to get back on my feet a bit but still needing to take it pretty slow.

j and i did a bit of gardening on saturday.


We really just potted some of our old planters with flowers and such.


after all that hard work, at least 30 minutes! j fired up the grill and we made hotdogs and hamburgers. yum.

libby provided moral support.
man, wordpress is giving me a hard time today (what else is new). i had more to say but i have run out of time. more soon! xo


search and rescue

surprise! im still here. i have just been lost somewhere between baby preparations and napping 🙂

i swore to myself that i would blog today no matter what. i have some good stuff to share but no good pictures so that will have to wait.

for today ill show you the valentines sushi i made my hubby.


nothing spectacular. just california rolls (lots of them). i cant eat anything raw, being that im preggers. boooooo. i even broke out the special sushi plates i made last year.


its was really yummy. hmmmm now i am hungry.



good food, great gift

wow. i got the best late birthday present ever. my friend sara sent me these goodies from anne taylor

(i love love love that place).


they are gorgeous. i think i am in love. it is supposed to snow this weekend, so i think i will get some good use out of them and feel very posh in the process.

also, remember when i told you this was simmering on the stove top? well here it is (or should i say was). yum.curry.JPG





can you believe i found this fabric at walmart? soooo cheap too. simple pleasures. more on this later.

also, because it is funny:


at lunch today, j said, “your plants are dying”. sniff… i hope she can recover, im a plant killer trying to become a plant rescuer.

gotta go, this is simmering on the stove.



comfort food and a comfy shirt

 two dyas ago, after my batting fiasco, i still had the urge to make stuff. since j was coming home soon and i was starving, i decided to make pasta!

and of course, a creamy fattening sauce.

i also made meat balls to get some protein in there.

a few days ago, i was checking out a blog that i just started reading on a regular basis. julie made this great shirt. i was very inspired and  just so happened to have a pattern by the same designer (built by wendy, simplicity 4111). the pattern was pretty easy and i like how the shirt was put together. the only change i made was to add more ease in the bust line. it is not a maternity pattern but because of the gathers in the front, it fits over my tummy (for now).

i did a very imperfect job on this (as you can see from the picture) but i still like it. i think it will make a great option for after the baby, lots of room for not so flat abs 🙂



the crazy reorganization continues…..

i hate my my messy kitchen cabinets….. i love to cook, therefore i keep a lot of ingredients on hand.  spices are a big one for me. the cabinet above the stove is always so so crazy full and over flowing, stuff practically falls out when i open it. until now…..

ooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh. my wonderful hubby built me a spice rack!!!

i kept looking and looking for one on-line that would work but i never really wanted to spend the money to get something of decent quality. so, we talked about it and he came up with the idea. the rack needed to have three rows and hold at least 30 spices if not more. it also had to be short enough that the shelf above it could be lowered so i could reach it better. it also had to hold 3oz bottles instead of the usual 1.5oz. what can i say, i use a lot of spices. nine bucks and about and hour later, bam! he designed the rack around these bottles:

(targets store brand, about the best price for most spices besides sams club). 

eventually we will get changed over too all the same bottle, but i just want to replace them as we run out of things… because the new spice rack fit so well we were able to move the lazy susans up to the second shelf and put all the oils and vinegars on one, and the “other stuff” on another… its so great! there is also a little basket on the inside of the shelf for all my extracts. yippie! its funny how such simple things so great 🙂 well.. i have been ordered by my hubby to stay off my feet this afternoon and “relax a little” well see how that goes 😉



j is in the baby room (i think of it as the poison room) sanding away…. the lead paint issue should be all taken care of in the next few days. yea! a safe baby room! ill post more details as things progress. its funny how, since i have been pregnant, we have to take all these extra precautions (well not really funny, just a lot of hard work on j’s part). the baby room doorway looks like something out of an old scifi movie, dontcha think?

 im just glad this is a smaller project than the kitchen, since last time i had to move out for the weekend.   


i am proud to say, that i have finally begun my first baby project… the baby quilt is in the works!

ooooo applique!

 sigh. so many projects so little time… only 10 weeks left folks! 



room to work, and play!

so. im a crazy person. my baby is due in about two months and i have a desperate need to reorganize and rearrange everything in my house. a couple weeks ago it was the upstairs closets (linen, entryway, and pantry/cleaning), and this week it has been my basement family room and work area (which will hopefully be a real studio space one day,haha). the closets weren’t that bad because i recruited j’s teenage brothers to repaint and fix up the interiors so all i had to do was empty them before and reorganize them after. the basement on the other hand has been a different story. for some reason i got it in my head that if i was going to reorganize my supplies that i needed to take the wood paneling off the walls first.. just because… no other reason. yeah. so i did just that.


this is halfway through the process, as usual i didnt take a before. i didn’t even ask j. i just did it one morning (and consequent morning and afternoon) and sent j a picture at work of the work in progress titled “look what i did”. j, being the smart guys he is, told me to not do anymore till we did a lead test on the pain on the cement under the panels … so, yesterday i did that and we are good to go, no lead down here. in between the more laborious panel removing i “rested” by making a floor plan of the basement in order to figure out where to move everything to.


j said he would move furniture and tables and shelving until we had a solid plan 🙂 again, very smart guy, he knows me well. i basically decided to move everything from one side of the room to the other. fun. of course i cant move furniture or even help really so when we had a friend over for dinner lastnight we recruited him to help j move all the stuff. they were great. i love how things are working outdown here. i really wanted to seal and repaint the walls before i put everything away but there are so many more projects for j to work on and since the sealer is bad for pregnant ladies to sniff, i just cant do it myself. oh well, it will get done someday.


i just have to put everything away now.



so today i will be finding homes for everything (i hope), and then the true work on baby room accessories can begin. after i finish this little endeavor i plan to reorganize the rest of the basement (my basement is ridiculously big and wonderful and i don’t deserve it). i want to go through all my holiday stuff and put it away in a better fashion as well as go through stuff i have been saving since i was a kid and purge some of it. i also want to get rid of random stuff we don’t use, i dunno maybe even have a garage sale this spring. hopefully i will take pictures as i go along. i always forget to take good before pictures, i just dig in to the project and then get excited about photographing it. off to work now.





new kitchen

well, parts of it are new anyway…. when we moved into our house the kitchen was a high priority, but some how one thing after another has caused it to stay unfinished. from four layers of wall paper with primer in between, to lead paint, to old leaky dishwasher, our kitchen has seen some hard days. but finally, in preparation for the baby, the lead paint has been taken car of and the floor has been redone.

this is what the kitchen looked like after the wall paper was removed but before any other improvements.

j started ripping up the linoleum over a year ago and then realized it was going to be harder than we first thought, so there it stayed.

after we removed all the wall paper we did a lead test and discovered that the kitchen had lead paint. j and i realized that we really needed to get that taken care of because of the bun in the oven. so i moved out for a weekend so he could seal up the house and safely sand and repair the walls and encapsulate the lead. while i was gone he decided to surprise me by getting the floor ready to be re-done. i came home to this:

not quite what i expected. after a day of team work we got the floor to this point:

oh yes, that is a huge hole in the sub floor.

the afore mentioned leaky dishwasher had been leaky for a long time before we had the house and the sub floor rotted out. soooooo, that meant a repair in the sub floor was needed. after j got the subfloor fixed with the help of a very handy friend we got distracted by school and work and didnt get anymore done for a few months. after school was over and the holidays began, j had some time off so we were able to get the supplies (thanx to holiday lowes gift cards) and j got started on the floor…. i honestly didnt help do much except seal the grout. too fat, cant bend, what else can i say. here are a few pics of j working oh so hard….

and finally, the finished floor

there is still a lot of work but at least the floor is done! yippie!