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crazy skirt girl….

after reading this i felt inspired to share a pic of one of my favorite “tablecloth becomes skirt” adventures.

speaking of tiny happy, i am lusting after these, but alas, they are sold…. check out here other great stuff, here. i made this well over a year ago, but got it out earlier this week when i was looking through some of my pre-preggers clothes. i have to say, i am still way to fat to fit in to any of them but since i accidentlly made this skirt to big way back when, it now fits. there is good and bad in that. this is a cool book about drafting your own patterns and making skirts if anyone is interested….

i made mine using a simple skirt pattern with and elastic waist and just layed it on the table cloth so that the hem would line up with the scallops.




a few quick things

i just wanted to share a few of the things i have been able to work on lately….. it hasnt been easy! i have quite a bit of swelling in my wrists and hands (and other places that don’t pertain to crafting). my hands are so swollen that my joints are aching and my hands are numb most of the time. my mid-wife says that when you have swelling in the wrist like i do that it gives you carpal tunnel like symptoms… therefore, i have a really hard time using my hands! how frustrating, im too fat, tired and sore to move most of my body or do much of anything, but relaxing and enjoyable handcrafts are almost impossible. whats a girl to do? sigh.

anyway, when i get way to restless i have been working on some fabric postcards for a swap i am in. the cards are due soon and so is the baby so it is a race to the finish line! unfortunately it is hard to be inspired when all i really want to make is baby stuff. i did get one set for the swap done but still have about five more cards to make for another set. i made this card for the “shades of one color” theme.

i wish that the base fabric i chose was a bit thicker because you can see some of the embroidery underneath and i don’t like that. its a really simple card but i enjoyed making it while my hands allowed.this card, i made for the “macro” theme.

sadly, my design seemed to shrink and not turn out macro at all… urrg! i have three done similar to this and have decided that they aren’t good enough for the theme, just not close up enough. what was i thinking? i think ill just save them for another time.

yesterday i got a strong yearning to sew but i knew i couldn’t make anything that was meant to turn out or be well made because, lets face it, im not capable of well made these days with fingers that cant tell the have been stabbed by a pin untill the have a little drop of blood on them. sooo, i decided to make a purse.


i think i am pretty well known for liking things that are kinda ugly to others so i figured if i messed up the purse i would still like it. well, i didn’t really mess it up, if you don’t count the crooked stitching and uneven seems and all around un-symmetrical-ness (yeah i know thats not a real word) of it.


i did however make it a tad too small, as in, this is now officially a kids purse. sniff, i really like it too. i just need to find a cute little girl that would appreciate the old country but cool fabric i made it from. if anyone has any ideas let me know (im willing to mail it if anyone knows the right little girl)



ps. only 8 days left till my due date!

i feel pretty silly about my lack of blogging lately. i have been working on a lot of stuff but nothing is really done or ready to be photographed yet. i am also out of batteries for my camera, who you all know, is not my friend.

soooo.. today i will leave you with this:


ceramic work i did last spring.

 sushi plates, tea pot and cups, rice bowls and covered dish.


i made everything but the covered dish as a wedding present for some good friends. the covered dish is one of the only pieces i made with the intention of keeping. it makes me happy.



i have about a million and one things i want/need to get done before baby arrives…. and zero energy to do it 🙂 i know all you moms out there know what i mean when i talk about not sleeping and being in pain/discomfort all the time… someone call the waaaahhmbulence.

one thing i did get done last night was the little dress i wanted to make for baby to wear home from the hospital.


i wanted something special and handmade that after she outgrew, she could eventually use for her dolls. i also plan to hang it up in her room while she is to little to play dress up with dolls.  baby-dress-back.JPG

 i made this from an old pillow case i found at the thrift store and lined it with some left over light colored fabric from another project. all the seams are totally in-cased and the raw edges are finished with bias tape. i hadnt ever used bias tape on this small of a project before and have decided that i dont like it. i had always used packaged before but after a quick call to my mom i felt confident enough to make it myself. i like being able to make it and use in any color or fabric i have i just wish that i had hand sewed it on with tiny perfect stitches instead of bad sewing machine, ripped out three times,ugly stitches. it might also have helped if i could feel my hands more than halfway. they are pretty swollen and the keep falling asleep. i kept stabbing myself with pins and not realizing it till they were stuck in me 🙂 crazy. so its imperfect but it is exactly what i wanted. too bad it is huge…. i made the newborn size, but it looks way to big…. we will see. i plan to make a few more pieces for the outfit if the baby waits long enough but just incase i want to get a chocolate colored all in one thingy to put under it for warmth.

hopefully ill have more to say about the baby room soon 🙂



search and rescue

surprise! im still here. i have just been lost somewhere between baby preparations and napping 🙂

i swore to myself that i would blog today no matter what. i have some good stuff to share but no good pictures so that will have to wait.

for today ill show you the valentines sushi i made my hubby.


nothing spectacular. just california rolls (lots of them). i cant eat anything raw, being that im preggers. boooooo. i even broke out the special sushi plates i made last year.


its was really yummy. hmmmm now i am hungry.



who dat??

remember this?

well, i got it done. i was going to do real applique on this but the pieces we just soo small that i decided on light heat and bond instead. i free form cut the pieces, ironed them in place,used some super big and chunky applique stitches, added a bit of embroidery: done and done.

the matching headband was made using this pattern. its a mini version of this


what a terrible picture!

 since i have the worlds worst camera, i just don’t have the energy to try any more. i really miss my super old manual camera. maybe since the baby is going to be here soon, j and i will be able to justify a new camera one of these days. i doubt it though 🙂 i am giving this to a friend of mine tonight for her little girl, who i am in love with…. really i just love her, she reminds me of what i’m about to get (8 weeks left). i hope it fits her!





can you believe i found this fabric at walmart? soooo cheap too. simple pleasures. more on this later.

also, because it is funny:


at lunch today, j said, “your plants are dying”. sniff… i hope she can recover, im a plant killer trying to become a plant rescuer.

gotta go, this is simmering on the stove.



birthday fun

today was friend of mines birthday. she is cool and likes funky stuff so i decided on some last minute projects for her bday gift. i made this head band from the ties i found the other day at the thrift store.

i used a pattern by heather that you can find here. i love this pattern! thanks heather!

i made this little pocket from one of the sweaters i felted the other day. unfortunately i didn’tread the label very closely when i picked out the sweater. it didn’t felt up very well because it has 20% polyester. silly me. but it did felt enough to cut up and sew and use with a lining fabric. here is a shot of under the flap.

i used ribbon to make a tie so that it could be used for something other than glasses (my original intention), such as pens or other smaller stuff. the flower on the flap is made from ribbon scraps and little scraps of tie leftover from the headband. i hope she likes them!



comfort food and a comfy shirt

 two dyas ago, after my batting fiasco, i still had the urge to make stuff. since j was coming home soon and i was starving, i decided to make pasta!

and of course, a creamy fattening sauce.

i also made meat balls to get some protein in there.

a few days ago, i was checking out a blog that i just started reading on a regular basis. julie made this great shirt. i was very inspired and  just so happened to have a pattern by the same designer (built by wendy, simplicity 4111). the pattern was pretty easy and i like how the shirt was put together. the only change i made was to add more ease in the bust line. it is not a maternity pattern but because of the gathers in the front, it fits over my tummy (for now).

i did a very imperfect job on this (as you can see from the picture) but i still like it. i think it will make a great option for after the baby, lots of room for not so flat abs 🙂



a hat a day keep bad hair days away

for some reason i am really into making hats all of the sudden. i cant stop thinking of hats i want to make.


i made this hat yesterday.


its just knit sweatshirt material and felt. a little cheesy, but still cool enough for me 🙂


in the spirit of going through things and getting stuff cleaned up, i decided to work on a really old project today. a while back, (about a year ago) my friend mentioned that she was going to do her sons room in a nautical theme. i had all these scraps left over from a previous project that were just the right colors. thus, and idea was born that i would make the quilt for her new room.

i was so excited about it that i told her it would be done by his birthday. well, his birthday is in febuary and that was last year. so, i am trying to get it done by this years birthday. i already had all the squares cut out, i just had to design the flag parts and sew them all together. originally i was going to make a twin size quilt but i think i am now opting for a throw size blanket. here is how far i got in a bout an hour and a half.


i made it all mismatchy on purpose, i think it ads to the piratey feel i am going for…. what five year old doesnt like pirates?? i was about to put it together with the batting and backing when i realized that the piece of batting i have was three inches too small…..grrrrr …… so now i have time to rethink the size…. i could still add more to it (i have enough scraps) and design the quilting. i plan on doing a combination of hand a machine quilting.