ginger at home



can you believe i found this fabric at walmart? soooo cheap too. simple pleasures. more on this later.

also, because it is funny:


at lunch today, j said, “your plants are dying”. sniff… i hope she can recover, im a plant killer trying to become a plant rescuer.

gotta go, this is simmering on the stove.




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  1. * alitoney says:

    Nice find! I’m going to have to check into that!

    Posted 11 years ago
  2. * Mom says:

    You inherited that plant killer gene from your mother. all good things come from the source. LOL Mom

    Posted 11 years ago
  3. * Laura Gunn says:

    Ha! I ahve a plant that looks just like that. A friend has given me 2 that she swears are impossible to kill. I showed her.

    Posted 11 years ago

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