ginger at home

i have about a million and one things i want/need to get done before baby arrives…. and zero energy to do it 🙂 i know all you moms out there know what i mean when i talk about not sleeping and being in pain/discomfort all the time… someone call the waaaahhmbulence.

one thing i did get done last night was the little dress i wanted to make for baby to wear home from the hospital.


i wanted something special and handmade that after she outgrew, she could eventually use for her dolls. i also plan to hang it up in her room while she is to little to play dress up with dolls.  baby-dress-back.JPG

 i made this from an old pillow case i found at the thrift store and lined it with some left over light colored fabric from another project. all the seams are totally in-cased and the raw edges are finished with bias tape. i hadnt ever used bias tape on this small of a project before and have decided that i dont like it. i had always used packaged before but after a quick call to my mom i felt confident enough to make it myself. i like being able to make it and use in any color or fabric i have i just wish that i had hand sewed it on with tiny perfect stitches instead of bad sewing machine, ripped out three times,ugly stitches. it might also have helped if i could feel my hands more than halfway. they are pretty swollen and the keep falling asleep. i kept stabbing myself with pins and not realizing it till they were stuck in me 🙂 crazy. so its imperfect but it is exactly what i wanted. too bad it is huge…. i made the newborn size, but it looks way to big…. we will see. i plan to make a few more pieces for the outfit if the baby waits long enough but just incase i want to get a chocolate colored all in one thingy to put under it for warmth.

hopefully ill have more to say about the baby room soon 🙂




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  1. * alitoney says:

    Love it!!!

    Posted 11 years, 7 months ago
  2. * julie says:

    what a sweet dress! love that print.

    Posted 11 years, 7 months ago
  3. * adull says:

    love it too! it will look just precious with a chocolate colored onsie under it!

    Posted 11 years, 7 months ago
  4. * Deanna says:

    You are AWESOME! I think it is adorable and will great on your baby girl. What a great idea.

    Posted 11 years, 7 months ago
  5. * Mom says:

    Very cute. Brown onsie thingy will be perfect. Love ya, MOM

    Posted 11 years, 6 months ago
  6. * crystal says:

    yay love it

    Posted 11 years, 6 months ago
  7. * grandmere campbell says:

    That dress turned out so cute! I never would have seen a darling baby dress in that thrift shop fabric, you have a gift.

    Posted 11 years, 6 months ago

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