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tagged, six wierd things….

yesterday i was tagged by laura to tell six weird things about myself….

hmmm…. only six?

1. i am obsessed with clean fingernails. i cant stand it when mine are dirty and pick at them to make sure they have nothing under them even when i know they are clean. actually, i am so in the habit of doing it that i don’t even notice when i do anymore until i catch a person i was talking to looking at my hands with a questioning look on their face.

2. i call myself a “new england girl” even though i have never really lived there. i lived in dc for a year but i don’t think that counts. my hubby actually suggested this one to me and the fact that i argued “i just feel that i am!!” was his case and point. i guess i have to clarify my reasoning. both of my parents are originally from around that area and most of my relatives live there. my dad grew up in connecticut and i spent almost every summer growing up with my grammy and opa there. a lot of my dads family still lives there, including one of his brothers. his other brother lives in massachusetts. i guess i’m just not in love with the midwest (although i did grow up here). east coast all the way!!!

3. i exagerate a lot when i tell stories… bad me. i know, i know. i cant think of an example right now. j if you have a good one you should leave in a comment. (he always has to calm me down and bring me back to earth in certain social situations when i get out of hand). lying shmying 🙂 i make life more exciting. i love you j.

4. i have this inborn need to tell people what a great deal i get on everything i buy. for instance, a friend says,     “hey, i like your shirt” and i reflexively reply, “thanks! it was only .97 cents!” i have got to stop doing this.

5. i always tell people that i hate getting my picture taken, but secretly, i love it. i am always hoping that this will be the picture that i look fabulous, and very “me” in. it never happens, but for some reason i just keep hoping it will.

6. i hate talking on the phone. not the normal, i just don’t like it, but the crazy don’t call people back for months kind. i am a huge talker, i mean, i wear people out i talk somuch, but when it comes to the phone i just cant take it. seriously, i get voice-mails from friends warning me that this is my last call before they call the police because the only reason they know that i wouldn’t have called by now, is that i am dead. i have friends that actually just come to my house if they want to talk to me because they know i wont answer my phone or call them back. its not because i dont love people, its because i hate the phone.

sooo, now for my six victims…. i’m tagging: julie, alicia, steph, laural, anna maria, and amanda. here’s hoping i spelled your names right and that you haven’t already been tagged.




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  1. * alitoney says:

    #4– I think you’ve rubbed off on me. I can still vividly remember doing that to someone I had just met at church a month ago! About those Vans I got for $6. You were there when I did it, but hopefully you can’t remember the awkward silence that followed which I tried to fill with embarrassed rambling. lol.

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Laura Gunn says:

    I am the worst. I can’t believe I spelled your name wrong too. It’s a genetic disorder I have. Thanks for the help with that oh so illusive little trash can. I am now delete savvy.
    Nice to here you are also truly weird (especially the phone thing). It can be so lonely sometimes. Hee hee.
    p.s. scoring a cool shirt for only $.97 is definitely something to brag about.

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Mom says:

    the New England thing is the food you were raised on: potaoes, corned beef, greens, turnips, beets, corn chowder and apple crisp! LOL It’s baked in. Love ya

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  4. * eileen says:

    I love the baby blanket. Is the pattern available?


    Posted 11 years, 2 months ago

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