ginger at home

a hat a day keep bad hair days away

for some reason i am really into making hats all of the sudden. i cant stop thinking of hats i want to make.


i made this hat yesterday.


its just knit sweatshirt material and felt. a little cheesy, but still cool enough for me šŸ™‚


in the spirit of going through things and getting stuff cleaned up, i decided to work on a really old project today. a while back, (about a year ago) my friend mentioned that she was going to do her sons room in a nautical theme. i had all these scraps left over from a previous project that were just the right colors. thus, and idea was born that i would make the quilt for her new room.

i was so excited about it that i told her it would be done by his birthday. well, his birthday is in febuary and that was last year. so, i am trying to get it done by this years birthday. i already had all the squares cut out, i just had to design the flag parts and sew them all together. originally i was going to make a twin size quilt but i think i am now opting for a throw size blanket. here is how far i got in a bout an hour and a half.


i made it all mismatchy on purpose, i think it ads to the piratey feel i am going for…. what five year old doesnt like pirates?? i was about to put it together with the batting and backing when i realized that the piece of batting i have was three inches too small…..grrrrr …… so now i have time to rethink the size…. i could still add more to it (i have enough scraps) and design the quilting. i plan on doing a combination of hand a machine quilting.


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  1. * gingerathome says:

    ok.. my computer is being funny and i dont have the patience for it right now. i have no idea why the link was created… i cant get it off or fix the allignment for the text. when i try to edit anything wordpress says “error on page” well, poo on you wordpress. so, im not a profesional… we knew that already.

    Posted 11 years, 8 months ago
  2. * thedullfamily says:

    ha too funny! i LOVE the quilt!!!!

    Posted 11 years, 8 months ago
  3. * crystal says:

    Smitten. Just smitten

    Posted 11 years, 8 months ago

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