ginger at home

the crazy reorganization continues…..

i hate my my messy kitchen cabinets….. i love to cook, therefore i keep a lot of ingredients on hand.  spices are a big one for me. the cabinet above the stove is always so so crazy full and over flowing, stuff practically falls out when i open it. until now…..

ooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh. my wonderful hubby built me a spice rack!!!

i kept looking and looking for one on-line that would work but i never really wanted to spend the money to get something of decent quality. so, we talked about it and he came up with the idea. the rack needed to have three rows and hold at least 30 spices if not more. it also had to be short enough that the shelf above it could be lowered so i could reach it better. it also had to hold 3oz bottles instead of the usual 1.5oz. what can i say, i use a lot of spices. nine bucks and about and hour later, bam! he designed the rack around these bottles:

(targets store brand, about the best price for most spices besides sams club). 

eventually we will get changed over too all the same bottle, but i just want to replace them as we run out of things… because the new spice rack fit so well we were able to move the lazy susans up to the second shelf and put all the oils and vinegars on one, and the “other stuff” on another… its so great! there is also a little basket on the inside of the shelf for all my extracts. yippie! its funny how such simple things so great 🙂 well.. i have been ordered by my hubby to stay off my feet this afternoon and “relax a little” well see how that goes 😉




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  1. * thedullfamily says:

    looks great! and have a blast relaxing!!!

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  2. * alitoney says:

    Good job Jeremy! Your sister is impressed. 🙂 So, about my spices…

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  3. * crystal says:

    Did you know ginger is my favorite spice?

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago

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