ginger at home

baby stuff…

wow. i just received a super fun box of baby stuff from my grandma re.

it is totally full of clothes, blankets, utensils and bibs…. how fun! and guess what?! its not all pink! yeah grandma!

here are a couple bad photos of a couple of my favs.

i love these one piece thingys that can be a gown or pants suit.. (i have been told that they are great for the quick diaper change)

this little outfit is really more peachy than pink and i love the little pants.. i cant remember what they are called… but they just beg for a little but to be put in them.

…and here is the super nice, handmade, very girlie quilt that was at the bottom of the mountain of gifts that came forth from the box.

grandmas are the best!!!




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  1. * alitoney says:

    Fun! That quilt is awesome! Did she make it herself? I found you a couple things today, but you can’t have them yet! Guess what? They aren’t pink! 😉

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Grandma Re says:

    I love buying baby stuff! Of course, Grandpop Pop is not always a happy camper about it……I’m glad you liked the boxes. The shown quilt was handmade and I think I left the tag with lady’s info on it on the quilt whew what a sentence-where’s Maggie when I need her to correct my grammer! I thought it was a lovely cake except for the brown leaves-they kinda’ take away from the princess effect! I remember when you were born-your daddy was on his way to NM and stopped by and picked me up to come stay for a while. I called you granddaddy from the hospital and told him how teeny tiny you were! And one evening when your mom and dad were at the hospital with you it started to rain or snow or something and I brought the 7 million pound dog in the house and she was wet and muddy so I thought I’d bathe her and didn’t quite realize she had the coat of a mastadon I did get most of the mud off but then she just smelled like big wet dog! Then on the way home (to Burkburnett) I was driving and your grandfather was reading the paper and a policeman wanted to talk to me about driving so fast on his road and I didn’t have my drivers license with me-left it in my jeans pocket back home-had been without it all week but I told him I had been to see my newest granddaughter and smiled a new grandma smile at him and he gave me a warning! Course Grandpop Pop talked to me about it the rest of the way across NM and all the way across Texas! oh well-
    Love and hug to you and J and pats to the baby! G R
    Floor looks GREAT Jeremy!

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago
  3. * crystal says:

    Yay baby stuff. I really love to see it! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. What colors are the baby’s room going to be?

    Posted 11 years, 4 months ago

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