ginger at home

its all about the blog

it really is all about the blog these days. who doesnt have one anyway? my past blog ulgyhouse failed miserably because of my lack of time and effort. im sad that it didnt work out because i really wanted a place that family, friends and otherwise could go to to see what i have been up to. as we have become more and more settled in our house, our lives have become more more integrated with other things (thats a good thing). so, i guess this blog will be my vain new attempt at keeping those who are interested updated with what is going on in my life and head. hopefully much creativity will be shared. comments and critisisms are welcomed and appreciated. g

p.s. i dont plan to be clever on this blog so dont judge me if i sound like some regular person who has no skill at writing but thinks that they do… that is pretty much who i am.


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